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With thousands of satisfied customers, you have the piece of mind knowing your watch is going to receive expert care . From simple crystal replacement to full restorations, we can handle all your needs.  As a Swiss trained watchmaker, I perform all work to the highest industry standards.

We Service all ETA Movements

  • 2824
  • 2892
  • 2894
  • 7750
  • 7751
  • 2801
  • 2836
  • 2001
  • 6497
  • 6498

Plus we service Vintage ETA Calibers

We Service All Seiko Movements

  • 7S26
  • 7S36
  • 4R35
  • 4R36
  • 4R37
  • 4R38
  • 4R39
  • 4R57
  • 6R15
  • 6R21
  • 6R24
  • 6R37
  • 6R65

Plus we service other vintage calibers

We Service All Sellita Movements

  • SW200
  • SW210
  • SW220
  • SW240
  • SW260
  • SW290
  • SW300
  • SW330
  • SW310
  • SW500
  • SW510
  • SW1000
Vintage Pocket watch

Vintage Pocket Watch Restoration Specialist

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Walkthrough of a Dixmont Guangzhou DG2813 Service

The DG2813 Movement is made by Dixmont in Guangzhou China. The movement has a hacking feature.  It is not a watch we would normaly service in our shop as they can be purchased for about 50 bucks new and are considered a throw away. Watch movements like this typically...

My Winding Stem Does Not Work-Trouble shooting Common issues

One question that comes up on a regular basis is when someone has taken the winding stem out of a watch movement and cannot get it locked back in or get it to work properly through the different crown positions. In some cases, the stem has just fallen out and there...