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The Quartz Crystal Oscillator

In our article “What is the Stepper Motor in a Quartz Watch?”, I showed you how the Stepper motor converts pulses into rotary motion. The speed of the rotation is determined by the frequency of the current pulses. This is where the quartz crystal oscillator come in to play.

What is the Stepper Motor in a Quartz Watch?

One of the main components of the quartz watch movement, the stepper motor consists of a permanent magnet rotor, a magnetic stator, and a coil. The stator will carry the magnetic field in a loop inside itself, like a wire carries electricity. Instead of carrying an electrical current, the stator acts as a magnetic circuit.

Basic Electrical Theory of a Quartz Watch

The biggest problem with electricity is that you cannot see it. That is why it can be hard for some people to understand it. For you to understand troubleshooting concepts for quartz watches, understanding the power supply in a quartz watch is essential. To make it easier, I will give you a simple analogy.