I Buy Single Watch’s or Whole Collections

I promise you a Great Selling  experience

I am always looking for Pocket Watches to buy. I am interested in all Mechanical Pocket Watches by American, Swiss and English manufactures. I buy watches for resale so i don’t pay retail prices but I will make a fair offer based on Condition. I also cannot pay for sentimental value. Almost all watches will need to be serviced, so I have to consider that when making the preliminary offer.

Start by sending us some pictures

Please start off by sending me some clear pictures of the watches you want to sell. I will need a clear pictures to view.

  • The front of the watch
  • The back of the watch
  • A watch movement
  • Any relevent Case marks

Once I receive your pictures you will receive a pre inspection offer based what I can see within 24hrs.

Now just send in your watches for inspection and final price

Once you have accepted the preliminary quote based from the pictures you sent me, its time to send me your watches. I will send you the necessary information for shipping.  Preliminary value is based on the watch needing to be serviced but not for any parts being broken or damaged.

Once we receive your watches

Once your watches are received I will check your watch for timekeeping and function. if I find damaged or broken parts that will obviously reduce the value of the watch and the price I could pay. based on my findings I will offer you a final price. If no broken parts are found the preliminary price offered, will be the final price paid.  Once accepted I can pay instantly by paypal, venmo or check. If you decide not to accept the offer for whatever reason, I will  return your watches you sent me.

Please Don’t send me any watches or emails for appraisals as I do not do that.

I also will not provide any information on any unknown or unidentified watches.




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